industry standard recording tools

Very few new tools in analogue audio recording equipment come along that will be as good as, let alone better than, existing equipment which has recorded multi trillion selling platinum records over several decades. Relatively few proven industry standard pieces of equipment, in virtually all categories of equipment from eq to mic pres from compressors to microphones are generally used - if there is a new piece of equipment to take its place in that unique grouping it is usually, but not exclusively, manufactured by a company that has been a studiohold name for decades. Some of these designs happened originally just like great songs by a combination of factors, people and circumstances and a voyage of audio discovery, R n D and originality without undue external influence, not to mention unique talent and an element of fluke.... they invented the wheel   u87 1176 1073 550a ns10 dt100 sm58 md421 4038 33609 384 451 1081 512 480 h3000 8200 ug6+mk4 ..........95% of these original industry standard recording tools are available to purchase new today -