Manufacturer: PMC


ex VAT: £4,750.00

PMC AML2 monitors. The AML2 is one of the very few powered nearfield monitors of this quality. One of the reasons for this quality is the fact that the AML2 is powered with Bryston amplifers, the very best amplification, the tweeter with 80 watts and the woofer with 100 watts. Utilising a 6.5 inch woofer the AML2 has a frequency response of 33 Hz-25 Khz. The AML2 is also shielded, for placement adjacent to computer monitors. PMC also manufacture the Tube 104 speaker stands for the AML2.

Each speaker's dimensions are H400 mm W200 mm D 368mm. weight 16 Kg per speaker.  The AML2 bolts on to these sturdy and stylish stands for very secure, rigid and isolated placement. Made in England. priced per pair