Manufacturer: NEVE

NEVE Classic 2264A

ex VAT: £1,895.00

The Classic 2264A mono tracking compressor/limiter is the first classic Neve to be put back into production [ 2013 ] for 10 years, made by hand with the same components in the same way as it always was in the Neve factory in Lancashire. The 2264A was first manufactured by Neve in 1974 and has been put back into production in 2013 due to demand from audio professionals. The 2264A features the original hand wound Neve transformers as part of it's unique sound and fits in and is powered by the Neve1073/84 racks, either the stereo rack or the 8 way rack and can be mixed  with 1073 and 1084, the 2264A also features a great vu meter. The 2264A is available again in either horizontal or vertical orientations. +4 balanced XLR I/O. Hand made in England