Manufacturer: TASCAM


ex VAT: £650.00

The Tascam DA 3000 is a DSD 5.6 Mhz stereo master recorder featuring state of the art digital recording quality, it will also record stereo PCM digital at up to 24/192.

The DA 3000 records to and plays back from SDHC 4gb up to 32 gb cards  and CF cards and can archive and playback from USB flash drives. There is also a 2nd USB port for a qwerty keyboard, for quick and painless track naming. Track marker points can be inserted whilst recording or after. Large metering and solid transport keys aid the mixing experience. Headphone output with its own volume control. Tascam RC10 wireless remote control included.

DSD audio transparency and lack of artifacts preserves the sound of your analogue mix as you hear it directly from the console. If you record acoustic instruments solo or ensemble........ live to stereo DSD is the highest recording quality you can obtain in the digital domain. Master for CD or vinyl from the DA 3000 for the highest quality sound. Up to 8 machines can be synced together for multitrack DSD.  Wordclock I/O -  AES  I/O  - SPDIF I/O - SDIF 3 I/O-- unbalanced analogue I/O - balanced analogue XLR I/O - 19" rackmounting 1U.  Made in Japan