Manufacturer: SSL


ex VAT: £11,750.00

The analogue Solid State Logic XL console provides everything that a studio needs for quality tracking and mixing.

Featuring 8 x mic pres and the SSL G series stereo mix bus compressor as standard [ can also be routed to groups ]. The XL has 16 x mono channels and 4 x stereo channels, 2 x aux sends, stereo cue bus, 2 x stereo aux returns, 4 x stereo groups and master and channel inserts. The XL console also features 16 empty 500 series slots for the addition of SSL E series parametric eq or any other third party 500 series eq manufacturer. Each channel has 2 x selectable inputs either main in or daw return. Tha xl also has 100 mm smooth faders, 8 meters, talkback, full monitoring control and comprehensive routing and patching including direct outs on all channels and groups. Internal psu. Available to purchase with or without channel eq. Made in England.

SSL XL desk with empty 500 series slots £11,750 ex vat.    £ 1,410 inc vat

SSL XL desk with 16 SSL E series EQs    £18,749 ex vat.    £ 22,498 inc vat