Manufacturer: MOOG


ex VAT: £199.00

The Moog Werkstatt-01 is a fully functioning Moog monophonic analogue synthesizer with 1 x voltage controlled oscillator { 9 octaves } and a Moog 24 dB analogue filter with resonance. The Werkstatt-01 comes in kit form and is easily put together witth no soldering required       { takes about 15 mins }. A patch panel on the right hand side gives access and options to the outside world and internal patching { comes with some mini patch cables }, the Werkstatt also has a push button 1 octave keyboard, which works well. It is easy to get many great moog analogue sounds from the Werkstatt.

A true Moog analogue synthesizer experience. The rich and deep sound quality belies the price and size. Made in USA

MOOG WERKSTATT  £ 199 ex vat  £ 239 inc vat

on demonstration at the studio shop !!