Manufacturer: API

API 7800

ex VAT: £1,957.00
Description API 7800: STEREO SUMMING MIX BUS MASTER MODULE AND MONITORING CONTROLLER: Featuring the mix bus from the API Legacy console the 7800 allows up to 64 channels of API 8200 and / or 7600 to be attached to it via the API expansion connector. The 7800 gives the end user complete master summing of channels with balanced L/R master mix outputs with level control and balanced inserts, 3-way speaker selection, 3 x 2 track inputs, talkback, aux masters, group masters (for 7600), and VU meter output connector (a Coleman MB2 stereo VU meter is perfect). External master fader jacks.  19” rack mounting. 1U. External PSU included. The API 7800/8200 system is perfect for analogue summing of DAW outputs. For example 3 x 8200 and 1 x 7800 equals 24 in 2 out system + master functions + monitoring control + stereo mix bus functions. “All of my music mixes benefit greatly when Summed in analogue. I became a true believer the first time I mixed separate outputs from a DAW on a large API console.” Rudolph Barr. Mix Mag Oct 2005.