Manufacturer: MOOG


ex VAT: £482.00

The Moog Mother-32 is a semi modular Eurorack 60 hp table top mono analogue synthesizer with an onboard 32 step sequencer and push button 13 note keyboard with transpose. The single oscillator is a 10 octave classic Moog voltage controlled oscillator and the filter is a true Moog 24 db ladder filter. This combination produces an incrediblely rich and versatile sound. 32 x 3.5mm mini jack patch points allow multi modulations and the interfacing of other synthersizers and modules. There is a standard midi in. The Mother-32 is in eurorack format and comes with stylish wooden end cheeks.  The Mother-32 can be used on its own or there is a bracket available to hold 2 units and a bracket to hold 3 units in true modular style. The Mother-32 comes with it's own power supply and 5 x 3.5mm patch cables......everything you need to add modularity to your synthersizer collection....manufactured by the masters of analogue modular synthesis..........great sound !! Made in USA.

MOOG MOTHER-32 complete unit                                          £ 482  ex vat     £ 578inc vat

MOOG MOTHER-32 empty 60hp eurorack enclosure  no psu    £  62.50 ex vat    £ 75 inc vat  

MOOG 2 X TIER MOTHER-32 ENCLOSURE BRACKET               £  40.83 ex vat     £ 49 inc vat

MOOG 3 X TIER MOTHER-32 ENCLOSURE BRACKET               £  49.17 ex vat     £ 59 inc vat

MOOG PACK OF 5 x 12 INCH 3.5mm PATCH CABLES              £  10     ex vat      £ 12 inc vat