Manufacturer: API

API 1608

ex VAT: £45,000.00

API 1608 ANALOGUE CONSOLE: Initially released in 2007 there are now hundreds of API 1608 consoles installed around the world. The analogue desk with a sound like no other and an ease of use that belies it's power. The API 1608 is the perfect centrepiece for any studio. All of the crucial elements for easy and supreme quality tracking and mixing are here. 16 or 32 or 48 channels with or without automation [ easily retrofittable in situ if bought without automation initially]

16 FADER 1608 CONSOLE SPEC: 16 x 212 mic pre amplifiers [ the same mic pre as fitted to the API Legacy Plus console ] – 12 x 550A 3 band equalizers [ as Legacy ] - 4 x 560 equalizers [as Legacy ] - 8 x aux sends per channel at same time – 8 x groups  – 8 x aux returns with routing and an alternative input selectable per return - 16 x DI inputs – 16 x direct outs - 5.1 monitoring –3 x 2 Track returns - full metering – 8 x spare 500 series slots with routing : for compressors, echo, filters, extra mic pres, or any other 500 series modules - surround monitoring. The 1608 has an automation option with DAW control, comprehensive centre section with 3 x sets of speaker selection, all switches with lit indication - oscillator - comprehensive metering - solo modes and extremely comprehensive patching on rear.

A joy to use, large format analogue sound quality in a small format analogue console. The 1608 16 fader console can be expanded at any time to a 32 or 48 fader console. The expander bolts seamlessly onto the right hand side of the master section and is a mirror of the first 16 channels with EQ and mic pres with the same patching. Level, mute and DAW control automation comes either factory fitted or can be retrofitted at a later date in your studio, the automation is accurate, comprehensive, easy to use and has moving faders and 2 additional group faders. The console comes with an external 3U 19inch rack mounting API PSU with a quiet fan.

Sound quality, character, punch, transient edge, open mix bus, ergonomics, size, build quality, heritage, expandability, ease of use, complete patchability , automation option with DAW control, client pull, manufacturers 5 year parts warranty and price combine to make the 1608 a hugely worthwhile investment for any serious studio. The API 1608 console is producing great sounding hit records every day around the world in many musical genres and can do so for many years in your studio. Phatt punchy wide open API sound. Great manual. Made in USA

“The 1608 provides the best and fastest track to sonic nirvana I’ve seen in years”, Barry Randolph. Mix October 2008.

1608 console on permanent demonstration in the demonstration room at THE STUDIO SHOP....WE LOVE IT !!  

3 year finance available for 1608 to business users subject to credit approval via Medialease.


16 channel console no EQ     £ 29,999 ex vat     16 x API EQ + £ 10,000  ex vat       Automation option inc DAW control + £  8,333  ex vat

32 channel console no EQ     £ 49,999 ex vat     32 x API EQ + £ 20,000  ex vat       Automation option inc DAW control + £ 13,333 ex vat

48 channel console no EQ     £ 69,999 ex vat     48 x API EQ + £ 30,000  ex vat       Automation option inc DAW control + £ 18,333 ex vat



16 channel expander no EQ   £ 19,999  ex vat   16 x API EQ + £ 10,000  ex vat 

Automation retrofitted in your studio: 1608 Console Automation retro fit £ 9,082 ex vat 

1608 Expander Automation retro fit £ 4,499 ex vat    

Hundreds of API 1608 Consoles are now installed around the world making great sounding and commercially successful music every day.