Manufacturer: NEVE


ex VAT: £44,950.00

The return of a classic analogue console topology. The Neve BCM10 mk2 comes in 10 or 16 or 24 or 32 channel sizes. Class A elecronics and true voltage mixing. The standard console features 1073N pre/eq per channel which can be upgraded to Classic 1073 pre/eq or Classic 1084 pre/eq on a per channel basis at time of order, 4 x aux sends plus stereo cue bus per channel, 2 x stereo echo returns with width control, 2 X 500 series NEVE 2264A compressors which can be patched to channels or linked on the stereo bus, 2nd simple line input per channel doubling inputs on mixdown, insert and direct output per channel, 2 x HI Z inputs, parallel processing insert on the stereo mix bus, 3 way speaker selection with complete monitoring facilities and 5.1, foldback, solo and talkback features. LED metering on all channels and large lit vu meters on the master stereo bus. The BCM10 MK2 comes with an external 4U rack mounting power supply. There is comprehensive patching on the rear via xlr and d-sub. The console comes with a dust cover. Stand and speaker shelves are options. Made in England.

" the hit records are going to roll off this console " niki melville-rogers ceo the studio shop november 2015

BCM10  10 CHANNELS    £   44,950  ex vat

BCM10  16 CHANNELS    £   59,950  ex vat

BCM10  24 CHANNELS    £   89,950  ex vat

BCM10  32 CHANNELS    £ 119,950  ex vat

PRE/EQ UPGRADE : Classic 1073  + £ 600 ex vat per channel      Classic 1084  + £ 700 ex vat per channel

SPEAKER SHELF OPTION  £   235 ex vat

STAND OPTION               £ 1,250 ex vat

NEVE Classic 1073 & 1084 pre/eq modules always on demonstration at the studio shop