Manufacturer: NEVE

NEVE Classic 1081

ex VAT: £2,249.00

NEVE 1081 MIC/LINE PRE AMP + 4-BAND EQ + HI AND LO PASS FILTERS: The classic 1081 was first manufactured in 1972 and represents the pinnacle of subtlety and power. The seperate mic and line inputs feature proprietary hand wound Neve spec exclusive Carnhill transformers for a sound like no other.

Switchable 4-band EQ with shelf or bell on the high and low, and high Q switch on the two mid bands. 18 dB cut or boost per band......pure power.  Exceptional switchable hi and lo pass filters. The variable output attenuator pot allows a drive capability on the input. 48V, phase, EQ in, impedance 1200 or 300 switchable. Separate line input. +4 balanced XLR I/O.

Hand built to last a lifetime, magnificent on every source. A first choice vocal pre-amp for many, exceptional on all acoustic sources and stunning as a synth input. 1081 modules are placed in one of two Neve 1081 PSU/Rack options either horizontaly or verticaly. Hand made in England.

" one of the very best pices of recording equipment ever made....and still in manufacture by hand today in Burnley Lancashire... same as it ever desert island mic/line/eq preamp " niki melville-rogers ceo the studio shop 2016

Complete mono  1081  = £3,581 ex vat   £ 4,297 inc vat

Complete stereo 1081 = £5,798  ex vat   £ 6,957 inc vat                           

* 1081 Modules do not fit in 1073/84/2264A rack/psu or vice versa.....they have their own rack.....


1081 Mono Module £2,249 ex

2 Slot 19” PSU/Rack holds up to 2 units hoizontally  3U   £1,300 ex vat   £ 1,560 inc vat

8 Slot 19” PSU/Rack holds up to 8 units vertically    7U   £2,500 ex vat    £ 3,000 inc vat

1081 Blanking Panel 1U £ 32 ex vat  £ 38.40 inc vat