Manufacturer: NEVE


ex VAT: £27,995.00

NEVE GENESYS G-32 SMALL FORMAT ANALOGUE CONSOLE:  Fully analogue signal path with digital control.

Neve’s heritage in large format analogue console manufacture is unsurpassed, the analogue NEVE 88R is the centerpiece of Studio 1 in AIR and Abbey Road studios and many other hugely successful studios around the world.  

Neve released the GENESYS automated small format analogue console in 2008 to meet the demand for a small format analogue console with the sound quality of the 88R.. The electronics of the Genesys are taken from the 88R large format analogue console, both designed by Robin Porter Chief Neve designer.

The size of the GENESYS can be increased at any time up to 64 faders (128 inputs). The GENESYS is an in line dual analogue signal path per channel console ie. a 16 fader desk can handle 32 discrete analogue line inputs, each with a balanced insert.

The GENESYS G-32 spec is as follows; 16 x mic/line inputs with 100mm touch sensitive motorised moving faders  { 16 x mic pres are Neve 1073  } and balanced inserts, 16 x secondary analogue signal path inputs with level, pan, mute, solo,  aux routing, balanced inserts and flip, 6 auxs, 8 groups with 100mm touch sensetive moving faders and balanced inserts, 4 x stereo aux returns, 2 cue buses with tilt eq, full metering, 4 - way speaker selection, surround monitoring,  DAW control,  complete recall and Encore touch sensitive moving fader automation. The master section is very comprehensive including global modes and solo in front mode in the comprehensive solo section.

The GENESYS has an internal PSU with no fan, and the 16 fader expansion options have their own internal PSU.

Options include EQ and dynamics per channel. Superior mastering grade Neve A/D and D/A are also available as options. DAW control is included with the base console via Ethernet and GENESYS will control Pro-Tools, Logic, Nuendo and other DAWs. Transport buttons are built into the console. The GENESYS console can be ordered factory fitted in any configuration, or all options can be easily and quickly field retro fitted.

16 Fader expansion frames can be fitted at any time on either side of the master section { they can be filled with 8 x channels at a time } either straight or curved around the operator, up to 64 faders. The console stand and speaker shelves are included with GENESYS, as is delivery in the UK. The Genesys is built in the Neve factory in Lancashire and sounds exceptional !!  A remarkable console . Hand Made in England.

as owned by massive attack...snoop dog.....tuff gong studios jamaica...and many many more 

NEVE GENESYS ON PERMANENT DEMONSTRATION AT THE STUDIO SHOP niki melville-rogers to book your demonstration....3 year finance available for business users subject to credit approval via Medialease

" It's a true Neve console, amazing sound quality, every facility, very robust build quality, made in England, easy upscalability and great pricing " niki melville-rogers - resolution magazine june 2015

G-32 GENESYS CONSOLE 16 channel faders £ 27,995 ex vat £33,594 inc vat - 32 inputs including automation, recall and DAW control  including delivery to a UK address & stand & speaker shelves & dust co

                                 GENESYS  OPTIONS :

88r   4 band eq x 8                        £ 3,250 ex vat           £ 3,900 inc vat        

1084 3 band eq x 8                        £ 5,850 ex vat           £ 7,020 inc vat      

88r    dynamics x 8                        £ 3,250 ex vat           £ 3,900 inc vat      

Neve I/O AD/DA converters x 16     £ 3,700 ex vat            £ 4,440 inc vat   

16 blank expansion frame & stand   £ 4,000 ex vat           £ 4,800 inc vat

8 x channels of modules, meters & faders £ 7,800 ex vat  £ 9,360 inc vat

700mm producers section can go left or right or between sections of a larger console  £ 5,000 ex vat  £ 6,000 inc vat



                           BIGGER SIZES SAME SPEC & SAME OPTIONS :

BASE G-48   GENESYS CONSOLE  24 channel faders - 24 1073 mic pres -  48   inputs   £ 36,995  ex vat

BASE G-64   GENESYS CONSOLE  32 channel faders - 32 1073 mic pres -  64   inputs   £  47,900  ex vat  

BASE G-96   GENESYS CONSOLE  48 channel faders - 48 1073 mic pres -  96   inputs   £   67,500  ex vat

BASE G-128 GENESYS CONSOLE  64 channel faders -  64 1073 mic pres -128   inputs   £  87,100   ex vat

An amazing, sonic, ergonomic, technical, visual and value for money achievement. Made in England