ex VAT: £890.00

M930. Large diaphragm hand built high output low noise fixed cardioid condenser with a transformerless output, the microphone capsule and electronics are elastically suspended inside the compact metal housing to prevent vibrations entering the recording. The M930 has an extremely large dynamic range and an incredibly low noise floor. The M930 gives a great vocal sound on both male and female voices and also records many other sources with very high fidelity, definition and musicality.

Available in satin nickel or dark bronze finish. The Microtech Gefell M930 comes in a wooden box complete with stand clip, there is an optional shock mount available. Used in very large numbers by the BBC.  and available to hire from our hire department. In THE STUDIO SHOP'S experience this is the best vocal microphone under £1000 ex vat. Made in Germany

"The M930 captures male and female vocals with astounding depth, character and lack of external artifacts, to test the M930 is to fall in love". 2014 Niki Melville-Rogers ceo the studio shop ltd

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M930 Cardioid £ 890 ex vat  £ 1,068 inc vat

M930 Factory Matched Pair £1,611 ex vat complete with a stereo bar all in a wooden box.

M940 Super Cardioid version £ 755 ex vat

M930/40 Shock Mount £ 135 ex vat

Ina 5 Surround System £4,599 ex vat

M930Ts with output transformer. Please call.