Manufacturer: GEITHAIN


ex VAT: £7,142.00

GEITHAIN 944 K1: An outstanding nearfield/midfield monitor. Absolute precision and clarity throughout the frequency range, with an enveloping and musical sound, easy super high headroom, great stereo imagery, accurate tight low bass [ 35 hz ], non fatiguing, a total musical joy to work with and listen with.

The 944 K1 is more room independent than any other monitor due to its cardioid response and self cancelling rear sound. The 944 K1 is a three way time aligned monitor with it’s own 2 x external Geithain in house manufactured superior quality matched power amplifiers.

The Geithain 944 K1 is the benchmark in ultimate nearfield/midfield monitoring for the modern studio regardless of musical genre, where others flatter to deceive the Geithain 944 K1 delivers.......big time.  Standard finish black ash.            Priced per pair.        Made in Germany


" I feel that the Geithain monitors { 944 K1 } are superior to any others in the test [ every other comparable monitor ]. They interact with a perfect balance of detail, power, frequency extension, imaging, 3D, transient response, flatness, room integration qualities. All my work seems to translate effortlessly with less processing and less production time " David Zells of Lydspesialisten Norway 2014

944 K1 £7,142 ex vat per pair   £ 8,570 inc vat per pair

H 398mm        W  254mm       D  245mm       Weight  11kg   per speaker

Birds eye Maple [ as pictured ] and other wood finishes available  +  £ 798 ex vat per pair    £ 931 inc vat per pair

Geithain Vibration Cancelling Stands [ black Ash- other finishes available ] £ 916 ex vat per pair   £ 1,099 inc vat per pair

Geithain Pillar stands [ can be filled with sand or shot ] £ 1040 ex vat per pair £ 1,248 inc vat per pair

GEITHAIN 944K with built in amplifiers also available

944 on demonstration at THE STUDIO SHOP